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Our Services

Assigned as the winner of the international bidding tender, GVCW has met the central requirements of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has managed to offer bespoke services to meet the local needs of the applicants and the consular missions that serve them.

This was made possible only through a custom-made electronic platform that GVCW has created in order to manage the collection of personal information, document processing, secure encryption and data transfer to information support systems and software products for booking appointments electronically as well as submitting applications on line.

GVCW excels in implementing tailor-made solutions where needed. As the newest Visa Service Provider in this highly specialized international market, its priorities, while serving client Governments and organizations, are the following:

Reliable. Efficient. Secure.
  1. Delivering a high level professional service to visa applicants who intend to visit our client’s country.
  2. Collecting, according to the demands of the EU-Schengen Regulation, applicants’ biometric data in the most secure electronic way and securely transmit them to the Consulate of jurisdiction, thus ensuring total protection of applicants’ confidential information and personal data.
  3. Reducing the workload of the Consular Missions abroad, as well as their cost of purchasing sophisticated equipment to meet the increasing demand for visas.
  4. Simplifying and expediting the procedures for issuance of visas.
  5. Providing Governments with professional solutions.
  6. Maintaining a positive image of the country abroad.
  7. Investing in education and training of professionals.
  8. Securing the most favorable working conditions for employees.
Premium Services

We Provide Value Added Services

Services provided by GVCW for Greece
  • A complete yet concise source of information regarding Schengen Visa issuance.
  • Online Appointment Booking
  • Online Application to expedite the process for the thousants of Applicants and staff.
  • Reception and processing of visa handling documents.
  • Collection of Visa Fees and payment to Consulate.
  • Biometric data collection in the highest secure way (military)
  • Secure encrypted transmission of documents and Data to Consulate.
  • Return of the passport to the Applicant.
Mobile Biometrics

This service combines functionality with portability and allows us to collect biometrics at applicant’s home, office or any other location of preference.

Premium Lounge

A facility offered to visa applicants for submitting their visa applications in an exclusive and private environment.

  • special assistance offered by Visa Application Center employee
  • internet kiosks with printing and photocopying facilities
  • tea/coffee, soft drinks and refreshments
  • television, magazines and newspapers
  • dedicated information helpdesks via phone and e-mails
  • option to pay for all services within the premium lounge, avoiding the cashier desks
Visa @ your Doorstep

Intended for applicants who are unable to visit the Visa Application Center, the Visa @ your doorstep service is ideal. (Available only to applicants who have provided biometrics within the last 59 months)

Prime Time Service

Applicants can visit the VAC to submit their application, outside announced working hours and/or days.

Priority Submission Service

This service is available for those customers who would like to experience a personalized service and provides the following:

  • Checking and submission of documents/ taking of biometric data/ payment, in one counter, avoiding queues
  • Option in method of payment, by cash or by credit card
Personal Assistance

Application for a visa in a faster, more convenient and private manner. A dedicated counter to submit your application without any waiting:

  • ASSISTANCE with filling Visa Application Form & associated documentation
  • PRIORITY submission for all services directly from payment to submission biometrics
  • MINIMAL waiting time for applicants
  • PAYMENT through credit or debit card
  • Form Filling

    Front desk Officer will fill-in the Application form, assisting the applicant.

    Premium Passback

    Collect your passport at the Visa Application Center during working hours (not only during passport collection times) and without waiting in queues.

    Convenience Services

    Photo Booth Service, SMS Tracking Service, Photocopy Service